Dynjandi offers a large and good selection of high-pressure pumps and related equipment. On this site you will find solid information both in terms of safety and maintenance.

Security issues
Safety is very important, so you can get safety instructions in Icelandic here.
Click here for safety instructions.

Maintenance issues
Good maintenance increases durability and operational safety. Here are some tips for general maintenance, but in addition, Dynjandi's service workshop is specialized in service and maintenance of the high pressure pumps we sell. It is therefore a good idea to have the pumps inspected regularly, at least once a year.

Oil change
After the first 50 hours of use, the oil on the pump must be changed, if the pump is powered by a petrol or diesel engine, the oil on the engine must be changed at the same time. Only approved oil should be used on the pumps, but it is moved to the Dynjandi store, in addition to which it can be purchased through our online store under the heading High-pressure pumps.

The pump should then be changed oil at least once a year, the more the pump is used the more often we recommend changing the oil. If the pump is powered by a petrol or diesel engine, follow the manufacturer's instructions for oil change.

Dynjandi offers a wide range of accessories for high pressure pumps. Examples are power coils, drain cleaning kits, tubes for guns in various versions, water blowing equipment, suction equipment (for suction from wells, for example), floor cleaning discs, hose reels and so on. Check with our dealers for more information or browse the selection in our online store under High Pressure Pumps.

Maintenance and spare parts service
Dynjandi has maintenance and spare parts service for the equipment that the company sells. The service department is open every weekday between 8:00 and 17:00. verk@dynjandi.is.

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