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Product number: DK942118

Dike Jakki Softshell Dust

7.668 kr. Price with VAT
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Shoes and shoes with a steel toe

Product number: DK27016193

Bruciato safety shoes superb blue S1P SRC

10.848 kr. Price with VAT
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Product number: UN97110320

Suitcase 471/531/50354

22.374 kr. Price with VAT

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Security products

Product number: PEG3001CUV

Security yellow with a slap

4.681 kr. Price with VAT
Out of stock

Security products

Product number: PEG3001CG

Security camera yellow

4.681 kr. Price with VAT

Power generetors

Product number: CGCX7000E

Power station 7KVA 230V electric start 25l

427.800 kr. Price with VAT

High pressure pumps

Product number: ARA14680

AR High pressure pump 670 160-8.5

88.536 kr. Price with VAT

Fall protection

Product number: MI1010206

Multipurpose line

30.640 kr. Price with VAT
industrial safety

Security is ours


Dynjandi ehf. was founded in 1954 and is a pioneer in the field of safety at work and decades of experience and expertise have earned the company trust among customers and other professionals. Approved safety equipment, personal protective equipment and workwear for employees in the Icelandic economy are among the things the company has specialized in promoting.


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