Pixa 3 headlight

The Pixa 3 headlight from Petzl is a strong and powerful 100 lumen light with several adjustment options.

A good feature of the light is that the brightness does not decrease at the same time as the battery charge decreases.

Here you have the option of having both hands free by having the light either on your head with a headband, attached to a safety helmet with a slap or lying on the ground with an attachment that comes with the light and pointing exactly to the place you are working with.

Two modes, strong beam and weak beam. The weak beam can be useful when working in close proximity to something and the reflection must not be much.

For example, working in an electrical panel in a confined space may involve an electrician.

Flashing light indicates when the batteries are running low.

The light is switched on with a rotary knob, which is easy to rotate with work gloves.

The light is strong and can withstand a drop of up to two meters. It can also withstand pressures up to 80 kg.

Comfortable headband included which is easy to wash. Made of plastic that withstands strong materials well.

Weight: 160 g.

Batteries: 2 AA batteries.

The light is waterproof to a certain extent and can withstand being in groundwater for up to half an hour. No maintenance is required after that.
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