Beal Headlight EFF210 black

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The FF210 headlight from Beal is strong and powerful, 210 lumens with several lighting options.

The light comes with a rechargeable battery with a USB charging cable and a seat for a standard 3x AAA battery.

You can therefore switch between using a rechargeable battery or a standard battery that may be convenient when the rechargeable battery is empty and no time to charge it before moving on to the next task.

The light has two LED bulbs that illuminate different distances so it can illuminate both what is far away with a narrow beam and also what is closer to you with floodlighting (see picture).

You can turn on each bulb individually with each button.

The light is, as previously stated, 210 lumens, which is based on both bulbs being lit and at full power.

At full power, the light can illuminate up to 74 meters in front of you, and since it weighs only 103 grams, this headlight is perfect for demanding outdoor activities such as mountaineering or cross-country running.

In addition to the white lighting, there are small red bulbs by the light that illuminate a strong red beam that is designed to ensure visibility in both fog and precipitation.

You can turn on flash mode, which may be useful in an emergency, for example.

With a light that indicates the charging of batteries.

Battery life varies depending on the strength and number of bulbs in use at any one time, see photo.

The headband is easy to remove to wash.

The light is suitable for climbing, mountaineering, skiing or snowboarding, cross-country skiing or other outdoor activities.
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