Thor dust mask FFP3 10pcs/pk

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Disposable Thor pocket dust mask in P3 density.
10 pieces together in a pack, each mask individually wrapped.
Pocket dust masks can be folded. This type of mask also fits the face very well.
There is a small wire in the mask that can be adjusted to the nose. Inside the masks is a thin film that absorbs moisture.
The masks are comfortable in shape so it is easy to wear safety glasses with them.
These masks have a valve for easier exhalation. This will make it possible to use the masks for longer at a time.
The P-scale indicates the thickness of the filter.
P1 is thinner and filters out coarse dust.
P2 is the intermediate stage and filters out coarse dust.
P3 is the thickest filter and filters out fine dust, all the way down into the mold.
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