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A1B1E1K1 carbon filter for Moldex 7000 half mask and 9000 full mask

A1 - Organic gases and vapors with a boiling point above 65 ° C, eg varnishes, paints, adhesives, blisters and detergents.

B1- Inorganic gases and vapors including: chlorine, hydrogen sulphide (also known as hydrogen sulphide), hydrogen cyanide (excluding carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide).

E1 - Acid gases and vapors such as hydrochloric acid, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide (SO2)

K1 - Ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives.

If you are spraying the material, we recommend a dust filter in front of the charcoal filter

Carbon filters should be stored in airtight containers

Sold in pairs (5 pairs in a box)

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