Peltor Headphones WS Alert X yellow on helmet

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Bluetooth APP hearing protection from Peltor 3M, with settings for ambient noise.
It is easy to connect a phone to the headset. The hearing protector starts in pairing mode when no device is connected.
Improved microphone software blocks sound from the environment even better.
You can download the 3M Connected Equipment smartphone application, which allows you to control all the key settings of your Peltor APP headphone.
Powered by 2xAA batteries (Alkaline).
Battery life is approx. 78 hrs

Noise reduction:
SNR = 30dB
H = 34dB M = 27dB L = 18dB

SNR = Mean value of hearing protection
H = Assessment of hearing protection due to loud noises
M = Evaluation of hearing protection due to intermediate frequency sounds
L = Evaluation of hearing protection due to low frequency sounds
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