Peltor X4 earmuffs

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3M PELTOR X4 earmuffs with straps.
High-performance earmuffs that provide excellent soundproofing protection, especially against low frequency sounds.
Thin and light earmuffs in comparison with other earmuffs with high attenuation.
Soft and wide cushions help to reduce pressure on the ears for extra comfort.
Nýir hringir og púðar fást í settum (PEHYX4) sem auðvelt er að skipta um.
Do not conduct electricity.
Weight: 234gr

Noise reduction:
SNR = 33dB
H = 36dB M = 30dB L = 22dB

SNR = Mean value of hearing protection
H = Assessment of hearing protection due to loud noises
M = Evaluation of hearing protection due to intermediate frequency sounds
L = Evaluation of hearing protection due to low frequency sounds
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