Drop belt DELTA QC 2*D

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Lightweight and comfortable two-point fall belt for all general work.
The Delta Belt is the result of 20 years of design, research, production and experience.
Enter the belt by clicking on each thigh and clicking on the chest. 
The snaps are lightweight aluminum buckles that simply snap together as if they were seat belts.
The two triangles seen on the front of the belt in the middle are well suited for storing unused carabiners and hooks.
They are made of plastic and should break off, something should get stuck in the carabiners and hooks that hang in them, to prevent accidents.
Below that, the length of the straps is adjusted with a technology that ensures that there are no loose ends when the belt has been adjusted.
On the back of the belt is a plastic triangle that ensures that the belt does not get tangled when you get in and out of it.
Fastening rings for safety lines and lifelines are on the chest and back.
The Delta belts can be said to be as hard as the people who use them, but the straps from which the belt is made are made of liquid-repellent material.
It is well suited so that soil and mud do not get stuck in the belt and also that it does not mold, as such belts are often used in the wet.
The belt is work-friendly. It is designed so that the straps that go over the shoulders do not rub against the neck and interfere with work.
It is also made of soft materials that breathe well.
Maximum user weight: 140 kg.
Sizes: S, M / L and XL.
Weight: 1.75 kg.
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