Harnesses Argon

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Skylotec Ignite Argon
Seat belts that can be used in a variety of projects. These include rescue or general work where you have to descend to the workplace.
Fastening rings for safety lines and victory ropes are on the chest and back.
Below the attachment ring on the chest is another metal ring that the victory rope goes through during the descent.
The waist has two D-rings that can be used to attach tools or support cables.
The belt has a support cushion that supports the back. On the back of the belt is a plastic triangle that ensures that it does not get tangled when getting in and out.
The belt is work-friendly. It is designed so that the straps that go over the shoulders do not rub against the neck and interfere with work.
It is also made of soft materials that breathe well.
In this belt, the weight is distributed over 4 points, the legs and the two attachment points at the front, rather than being all on their feet as if they were on non-designed fall protection belts.
Hand wash: 40 ° C.
Maximum user weight: 140 kg.
Sizes: XS / M (waist size 80-120cm)
M / 2XL (waist size 90-130cm)
2XL / 5XL (waist size 100-150cm)
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