Univern Protec ladies' winter jumpsuit

44.504 kr. Price with VAT

Durable and warm cold suit in ladies' format from Univern. The bug has a good shape and a waist belt that can be removed.
Inside the huts there is a snow lock so that snow does not get inside the huts. There are zippers on the sides of the shoes so it is easy to dress in the bug in shoes.
Inside the cupboards are also pockets for knee pads. The bug is waterproof and windproof. Seams and zippers are closed so that water does not leak through.
The sides have waterproof zippers that can be opened to make the bug breathe better. This can be useful if you work on the bug for a long time.
The bug has one breast pocket on the right breast and two side pockets on the waist. All with waterproof zippers as previously stated.
There is also a breast pocket inside the bile on the left side. The bug has a removable hood. Reflection.
Material: 100% polyester.
Water resistance: 20,000 mm.
Breathing: 22.00 / m2 / 24h
Jets: 40 ° C, do not put in the dryer
Weight: 210 g / m2.


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