Beal Headlight L24 white

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The lightest and smallest headlight that Beal offers is the L24 light.
Powerful LED light with several settings.
If the light intensity is set in the intermediate mode, the battery should last for 72 hours.
You can turn on flash mode, which may be useful in an emergency, for example.
In addition to the white illumination, there are small red bulbs below the light that emit a strong red beam designed to ensure visibility in both fog and rain.
The light is waterproof and can withstand up to 20 degrees of frost.
The light can be attached to the head with the included elastics. You can also click it on the front of the hat with a click on it.
Or, for example, in the collar of a jacket, on a sleeve, on a bag or belt or even in a pocket for storage.
It is also possible to attach it to the back of the headband on another headlight to ensure visibility from all directions.
Weight: 29 grams with battery.
With one three-volt button battery.
The light is well suited for emergencies, for reading maps as well as reflective lights for outdoor running or cycling.
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