Fall block Nano-Lok 2.8m board

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Fall protection flaps are attached to a fall protection belt when working at height.
Inside they have a strap that pulls out so you can work at a certain distance from the point where the black is stuck.
So in the event of an accident, the strap locks as if it were a seat belt.
The Nano-Lok block is light and easy to use. The lock is quick to engage and stops a fall in a few centimeters.
The block keeps tension on the strap so it is impossible to fall off.
Nano-Lok fall protection blocks can be used in a variety of areas, including construction sites, the energy sector, rescue teams, firefighting and many more sectors.
The strap in the block is 2.8 meters long, so it is possible to work up to 2.8 meters from the fixed point to which the block is attached.
The strap housing is made of heat-resistant plastic. The strap is 19 mm wide and made of strong polyester.
Maximum weight: 140 kg.
Weight: 1.5 kg.

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