Dynjandi ehf, which was founded in 1954 and is a pioneer in the field of safety at workplaces, has specialized in promoting and providing approved safety equipment, personal protective equipment and workwear for employees in the Icelandic economy. Our decades of experience and expertise in this field is considered reassuring.

In collaboration with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the safety representative of the main companies in Iceland, Dynjandi ehf. have played a major role in promoting the increased use of safety equipment, such as safety and work footwear, work and protective clothing, helmets, covers and respirators, as equipment from Dynjandi ehf. prevent serious accidents at work for over 40 years.

The importance of safety equipment will never be overestimated, so it is the company's intention to maintain a leading position in security efforts.

Dynjandi was chosen outstanding company in 2017 by Creditinfo for its contribution to the Icelandic economy. Only those companies that meet the requirements set by Creditinfo get that stamp, but there are 2.2% of companies in the country.