Dynjandi ehf., Founded in 1954, is a pioneer in the field of safety at work and decades of experience and expertise have earned the company trust among customers and other professionals. Approved safety equipment, personal protective equipment and workwear for employees in the Icelandic economy are among the things the company has specialized in promoting.

Sales and services for both high-pressure pumps (including for the construction industry) and washing systems for cold stores and ships are something that Dynjandi has undertaken, as well as sales and services for power stations and motor welding machines. Spare power generators, their sale and installation, are also part of the business. The company has various pumps, vacuum cleaners, water suckers, steam traps, steam valves and much more on offer.

Dynjandi's store is in Skeifan 3H, but in addition there is a service workshop and spare parts store for the equipment and machines that Dynjandi sells and services.

Opening hours are as follows:
Every working day from 08: 00-17: 00
Closed on weekends.

Id: 6102840359
VALUE ADDED TAX. No .: 25307
Open weekdays 8:00 - 17:00
Skeifunni 3 108 Reykjavík
Phone 588 5080 - Fax 588 5081